Advice for food distributors

Also in the distribution of shelf products sector, the Ferrentino Agency is able to offer consultancy and representation services characterized by a high level of professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the field, gained in the twenty years of the company .

Precisely this experience now allows the Agency to be a partner of prestigious brands at national level and brands of international scope. The strength of the Ferrentino Agency’s approach lies in the relationship it establishes with its customers, a relationship of total transparency and professionalism.

Boosting your off-the-shelf food business

Through data analysis systems deriving from the distribution of shelf food , the Ferrentino Agency is able to help client companies to collect and interpret data deriving from this sector, allowing them to anticipate market changes. The work carried out by the company thus makes it possible to optimize the resources of companies operating in the distribution of shelf foods , providing precise indications on the opportunities to be seized.